Dinner Date

Up to 2 hours:

A cosy evening over a glass of wine or dinner, perfect for getting to know each other (no private time though!)

 250 Euro

Private Date

Up to 2 hours*:

550 Euro

Up to 3 hours: 650 Euro
Each additional hour 100 Euro
Up to 12 hours: 1300 Euro
Up to 24 hours:: 2100 Euro


Bookings outside of Leipzig:


You want to meet me, but you are not in Leipzig? I’d love to come to you too! In addition to my usual fee, I also charge the cost of a train ticket and, if the date ends at night, accommodation costs.

Please also note the different minimum booking duration for dates outside of Leipzig:


           Minimum booking duration







other cities/europe

3 h

3 h

6 h

6 h

6 h

12 h

on request

* Minimum booking duration for dates within Leipzig. With gentlemen well known to me shorter dates are also possible after arrangement. 
**The fee is to be understood as remuneration for the time I spend with you. It is not a fee for certain services.