• What should I consider when I want to meet you outside Leipzig?

    The minimum booking period is determined by the time it takes me to get there, you can find an overview here. I'm travelling by public transport, so the destination should be reachable by train, plane, taxi or a combination of all. In addition to the fee I will charge the cost of the ticket. While in Leipzig it is no problem if a date ends late in the evening or in the middle of the night, in other cities this is not easily possible. I will gladly tell you more details if you tell me where you want to go!

  • What happens if I need to cancel? Or if you have to do so?

    Please note that I consider a confirmed meeting to be very binding and expect the same from you. Of course, it can always happen that you can't go through with our date as planned for various reasons. In this case, please let me know immediately. If I have already had costs, such as a flight or train ticket that cannot be cancelled, I would ask you to reimburse me for these costs. Should you fail to do so or cancel repeatedly, I reserve the right to refuse future requests or to request a deposit. On the other hand, in case I have to cancel our date due to illness or organizational reasons, I will grant you a discount of 50 Euro for our next date.

  • What can I expect to happen during our date?

    After you have given me your hotel and room number in advance, we will meet in a restaurant, bar or other public (!) place of your choice. After we have got to know each other a little bit, I will gladly accompany you to your room. Please hand over the agreed fee in the classic, unsealed envelope. What happens afterwards depends on what we both feel like doing.

  • What happens if the famous "chemistry" just isn't right?

    Should you notice on a private date at first sight or in the course of our getting to know each other that you do not want to continue the evening, that is completely ok. In case of a break-off within the first minutes, I ask you to reimburse me only taxi costs of 50 Euro, or in case of a date outside of Leipzig the other travel expenses. You will not be charged any further costs. In case of a break-off at a later point I will usually charge the full fee. I also reserve the right to cancel the date at any time if I feel uncomfortable or insecure. The amount of the fee to be paid in this case depends on the circumstances of the individual case. For example, I will withhold the entire fee if at any point on our date you have not accepted a no from me or have behaved in a grossly rude and disrespectful manner. If I break off the date for reasons that are solely my own, I will of course refund the fee proportionately.

  • Why is there no service list on your site?

    For me personally, little gives the impression of a service and leaves as little room for eroticism as a list of the services offered. Already for this reason such a list contradicts my expectations of our date. Besides, there are few things that I would like to assure in general, but vice versa there are also few things that I reject in general. Rather, this is always dependent on the situation, the sympathy and the counterpart. Accordingly, my answer will be correspondingly vague in most cases with inquiries of this kind. Especially if something is of outstanding importance (you have a special fantasy you'd like to realise, you have a fetish etc.) for you, it is advisable to tell me in advance. You can always expect me to assess whether I am the right choice for you, not least in my own interest. Please don't ask me what I like in general or what my taboos are- if you are looking for a specific point, just ask directly!

  • Are meetings at short notice also possible? When should I ideally make an inquiry?

    Basically yes - if my evening is not yet scheduled, I am also happy to receive requests at short notice. However, I need about 3 hours to prepare for our meeting and to come to you. I can Basically yes - if my evening is not yet scheduled, I am also happy to receive requests at short notice. However, I need about 3 hours to prepare for our meeting and to come to you. I can arrange a shorter date more spontaneously than an overnight date. If you want to be on the safe side, contact me as early as possible so that I can reserve your desired date for you. On average, most dates are requested one or two weeks in advance. In some cases, I sometimes cannot guarantee a date that is still months away, as my studies and career changes make this impossible. But as always- if in doubt, just ask!

  • Can we talk on the phone to get to know each other?

    I can understand that, especially with longer bookings, you would like to hear my voice briefly to know that I am "real". For bookings longer than 4 hours, we can make an appointment in advance for a phone call. Please understand, however, that this is only possible after we have found a date and all questions have been answered. In case of shorter meetings a previous telephone call is not possible, this would unfortunately exceed the scope of what I am able to do for organisational and time reasons.

  • Can you visit me at home?

    Unfortunately I will only visit you in a hotel room. A private residence or flat does simply not provide the same security as a hotel does. I am willing to make an exception, if we have met a few times already.