Any questions?

There’s no way I can meet you in public. Is there any other way?

I’m sure we can work something out.
Maybe we can figure out a way to meet in a safe environment. Maybe we can meet in a bar other than the hotel bar and then enter the hotel separately?
If this is not the case, a meeting is still possible: However, in this case I need more information about you than I normally do. I will gladly discuss details with you personally, just write me a message!

What happens if “the chemistry is not right”?

Should you notice at first sight on a private date or in the course of our getting to know each other that you do not want to continue the evening, that is completely ok. If you break off within the first few hours, I ask you to reimburse me only taxi costs of 50 Euro, or for a date outside of Leipzig the other travel expenses. You will not incur any further costs. In case of a break-off at a later date I will usually charge the full fee.

I also reserve the right to cancel the date at any time if I feel uncomfortable or insecure.

Why is there no “service list” here? Do you answer corresponding inquiries?

Personally, little gives me the impression of a service and leaves as little room for eroticism as a list of the services offered. For this reason alone, such a list contradicts my demands on our date.

Furthermore, there are few things that I would like to assure in general, but the other way round there are also few things that I reject in general. Rather, this always depends on the situation, the sympathy and the counterpart. Accordingly, my answer will be correspondingly vague in most cases when I receive inquiries of this kind. Especially if something is of outstanding importance for you, it is recommended to contact me in advance. Basically, you can always expect me to assess whether I am the right choice for you, not least in your own interest.

Do you have any preferences?

I like the unknown. I’m attracted to the excitement of seeing, controlling and playing with others.
I like to communicate what I like and what I don’t like, or to direct events in that direction. I also like to talk about sex. But please don’t ask me about my preferences and taboos in general by e-mail, if you actually want to know if I am open to something specific. Tell me what is important to you and I will tell you how I feel about it.

What criteria do you use to select the people you meet?

The aim of my selection is to avoid in advance that one of us is disappointed after the date or even has to break it off.
Crucial for a successful date is the notorious chemistry, which is difficult to assess in advance. However, whether there is a basic sympathy and similar ideas of a successful date can usually be judged in advance. For this reason I ask you to tell me something about you. This does not have to be information that endangers your discretion, my wish is rather to get a feeling for you. Especially important is the question how you imagine the evening and what is important for you.
Should I notice that I cannot fulfil certain of your wishes or expectations, for whatever reason, I will point this out to you and leave it up to you to decide whether you still want to meet me.
Should I notice that we have fundamentally different ideas, I will point this out to you in our mutual interest, and you will certainly find something else and be happier.
Not decisive for my decision are your age, your weight, your height, your religious affiliation, physical restrictions etc. Of course I am happy about any additional information to be able to prepare myself optimally for our meeting!

Are short-term meetings possible? When is the best time to request a meeting?

Basically yes – if my evening is not yet scheduled, I am also happy to receive requests at short notice. However, I need about 3 hours to prepare for our meeting and to come to you. I can arrange a shorter date more spontaneously than an overnight date.
If you want to be on the safe side, contact me as early as possible so that I can reserve your desired date for you.
On average, dates are requested one to two weeks in advance. If you ask me for a date that is still months away, I sometimes have problems confirming it. This is due to the fact that I am currently in the transition phase between my studies and my professional life.
But in case of doubt: Just ask!

Will you come to my house?

Unfortunately not. Meetings are basically only possible in a hotel. Exceptionally, our date can also take place in your apartment if we have known each other for some time and meet regularly.

I have not received an answer to my inquiry. What happened?

Basically I answer to all messages – except maybe grossly offensive ones. So if you don’t get an answer within a few days (usually I answer within 24 hours), then something has gone wrong.
Immediately after sending your request you should have received an automated email. If this is not the case, you either mistyped your e-mail address or my messages ended up in your spam folder.
If you have received a confirmation but no reply, your message may have gone missing. In this case, don’t hesitate to check again!

Can we talk on the phone to get to know each other?

I can understand that, especially with longer bookings, you would like to hear my voice briefly to know that I am “real”.
For bookings longer than 4 hours, we can make an appointment in advance by phone. Please understand, however, that this is only possible after we have found a common date and clarified all questions.
For shorter meetings a previous telephone call is not possible, this would unfortunately exceed the scope of what I am able to do for organisational and time reasons.

What happens if I have to cancel our date? What happens if you cancel?

Please note that I consider confirmed dates to be very binding and expect the same from you.
Of course, it can always happen that you can not attend our date as planned for various reasons. In this case please let me know immediately. If I have already incurred costs, for example a flight or train ticket that cannot be cancelled, please reimburse me for these costs. If you do not do so or cancel repeatedly, I reserve the right to refuse future requests or to request a deposit.
On the other hand, in case I have to cancel our date for reasons that are within my control, I will grant you a discount of 50 Euro for our next date.

What should I consider when I want to meet you outside Leipzig?

The minimum booking period depends on the time of arrival, you can find an overview here. I’m travelling by public transport, so the destination should be reachable by train, plane, taxi or a combination of all.

In addition to the fee I will charge the cost of the ticket.
While in Leipzig it is no problem if a date ends late in the evening or in the middle of the night, in other cities this is not easily possible.
I will gladly tell you more details if you tell me where to go!