At the beginning of last year, forced to rest, I started to photograph and film – mainly myself. Besides classic portraits, I am particularly inspired by images that create an erotic tension and yet leave the essentials to the imagination. Sensual close-ups, subtle videos, which invite to a mental cinema- no classic pornography, as you know it from the usual sites- but sensual close-ups and subtle videos.

A small part of the resulting pictures and videos you know (you can see them here in my gallery or on Twitter), but many, especially the more revealing ones, I have not shown you yet.
If you want to see more, you will find these pictures and videos, as well as insights into my daily life, here in the future:

In addition to access to an exclusive, daily growing gallery, you have the opportunity to chat with me there- about everyday things and about erotic fantasies. Onlyfans also offers the possibility for livestreams for all followers – once a week I will make myself comfortable on the couch with a glass of wine, we will talk and maybe play one or the other game with you…
If you wish, I will create videos and photos for you, there are no limits to your imagination- is there a page of mine you always wanted to see?

For all of you who are not familiar with Onlyfans yet, I have written a little introduction here. Everyone else- right this way please, I look forward to getting to know you better!