An alternative to the classic date

This year, little goes as planned. But who knows, maybe there’s something good about it, not infrequently you discover new, good things while improvising. Even if you can still meet me in person , I also know that some of you are not able to do so at the moment. Be it because business trips have been replaced by zoom meetings, because travel restrictions make private trips difficult, or because you yourself or people close to you belong to the risk group.

At the moment I am thinking about alternatives to the classic date. Possible alternatives would be, for example, a rendez-vous for a glass of wine via Skype or Zoom or small videos and pictures to stimulate the imagination and increase the anticipation until we actually meet each other… But it is important for me to stay true to myself- ” crude” pornography is not my style- but subtle, artistically tinged eroticism, as you already know it from my self-shot pictures, is.I have a few ideas and am looking forward to try something new and maybe learn a few new skills on the way…

What do you think? Would you be basically interested? What would you wish for? Write me a comment or a mail to!

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